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Caterina Romagnuolo

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton (Brussels)
Trainee Lawyer

Caterina Romagnuolo is a trainee lawyer at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP. She holds an L.L.M. in European Law from Maastricht University, and a Master’s degree in Law, from the University of Macerata. She completed internships at the DG Competition - Directorate G, Cartels - European Commission and in an U.S. District Court, District of Nevada, Reno.

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375 Review

Jacques Derenne, Caterina Romagnuolo De minimis amount: The Court of Justice of the European Union rules that the de minimis aid Regulation does not preclude a Member State from allowing aid applicants to amend their application for aid so as not to exceed the de minimis ceiling, provided that the amendment is made before the de minimis aid is granted (INAIL)


This case concerns Articles 3 and 6 of Regulation 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 [" de minimisRegulation"]. Background Zennaro Giuseppe Legnami ["the company"] complained of the refusal by the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work in Italy ["INAIL"] to pay financing in its (...)

Jacques Derenne, Caterina Romagnuolo Public establishment: The General Court of the European Union confirms that the European Commission rightly applied the case law presumption principle to public industrial and commercial establishment under French law dealings with banks and financial institutions and recognises that the mere fact that it benefits from a State guarantee was enough for the European Commission to rely on that presumption (France / Commission)


This judgment is the latest in a series of judgments handed down by the European courts concerning the specific features of the French legal status of public industrial and commercial establishments ["EPIC"]. EPICs are public establishments which, in France, are not subject to insolvency (...)

Jacques Derenne, Caterina Romagnuolo Tax ruling: The General Court of the European Union annuls a decision of the European Commission on Irish tax rulings for lack of evidence of an advantage (Apple)


Continuation of the saga of tax ruling / tax rescripts and state aid cases. After the annulment of the ’excess profits’ decision (Belgium - judgment under appeal and annulled decision in the process of being overturned) and the ’Starbucks’ decision (Netherlands - no overhaul in sight), it is now (...)

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