Claire Mongouachon

University Paris Nanterre
Associate Professor

Claire Mongouachon is an Associate Professor in Public Law at University Paris Nanterre where she leads the Master’s 1 degree in Law of the Economics as a member of the CRDP (Centre de recherches sur le droit public). She wrote her PhD thesis on the application of the regulation on abuse of a dominant position to the public sector (Abus de position dominante et secteur public, Bruylant, 2012). Her main research interest lies in economic European law and in public economic law, with a focus on the interaction with German Law and with the Philosophy of Economics (particularly Ordoliberalism).

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2407 Review

Claire Mongouachon Public procurement – Bid from a public body: The Bordeaux administrative Court of Appeal reminds the conditions under which public bodies may bid for a public contract (Centre hospitalier de Bigorre et al.)


CAA Bordeaux, March 1, 2012, Centre hospitalier de Bigorre, Lannemezan Hospitals and Centre hospitalier de Lourdes, n° 10BX01569 The ruling handed down by the Bordeaux Court of Appeal illustrates the importance of competition rules in regulating access by public entities to public procurement (...)

Claire Mongouachon Ordoliberalism : Historical context and dogmatic content


Ordoliberalism is known in competition law for having influenced the implementation and interpretation of the European competition regulation. At a time when the ordoliberal model is being questioned, regarded as out-of-date, in favor of a “more economic approach”, it appears necessary to look (...)

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