Cheik Galokho

Université de Perpignan, Université de Perpignan - Centre de droit à la concurrence

Chelk is currently a Lecturer at the University of Perpignan and member of the Yves Serra Competition Law Center. After graduating with a Master of economic Law and Business relations, he presented a thesis, at the University of Perpignan, in 2012, on the relations between Competition Law and Bankruptcy Law. His researches focus principally on Competition Law, Bankruptcy Law and their relations.

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Université de Perpignan


1804 Review

Cheik Galokho Qualification as State aid and compensation for business costs


A measure can be classified as State aid only if it gives an advantage to an undertaking. The advantage will disappear when the measure is just a way to compensate some costs to which the undertaking has to face. But the distinction between costs that can be compensated without leading to the (...)

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