Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu

PMU (Paris)
General Secretary

Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu was a founding partner at the Lawfirm "Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu". She was admitted to the Paris Bar and worked at Lexcase, Dupont de Nemours, Bird & Bird and Latham and Watkins. She speaks fluently English, French and Italian. Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu is a former student of the University of Paris Nanterre (Bachelor in Law, 1994 and DEA in Commercial Law, 1995), of the University of Paris Dauphine (Bachelor in Economics, 1994) and of King’s College London (LL.M. in European Law, 1996).


Charlotte Tasso-de Panafieu (Fréget - Tasso de Panafieu)
Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu 15 May 2018 Brussels


1752 Review

Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu, Olivier Fréget, Sebastien Soriano Sébastien Soriano (ARCEP): Let’s invent a "Robin Hood" regulation that returns power from the digital titans back to everybody!


Interview conducted by Charlotte Tasso-de Panafieu and Olivier Fréget, lawyers, Fréget - Tasso de Panafieu, Paris. For several years now, in addition to or in addition to your role as regulator, you have been alerting public opinion with some strong statements on the dangers of the "platform (...)

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