Charl Van Der Merwe

Primerio (Johannesburg)

Charl is a South African lawyer practicing broadly in the regulatory field and principally in competition law, consumer protection law and white-collar crime.

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Primerio (Johannesburg)
Primerio (Johannesburg)
Primerio (Johannesburg)


3617 Bulletin

Laura Rossman, Charl Van Der Merwe The South African Competition Authority publishes guidelines that will require small mergers in the digital market to be notified for review


South Africa: Small merger notifications: the SACC joins the European commission in expanding the application of small merger notifications to ‘Digital Markets’* Introduction The South African Competition Commission (“SACC”) recently published amended draft guidelines for notification of small (...)

Charl Van Der Merwe The South African Competition Appeal Court dismisses an appeal following the Competition Tribunal’s decision for an abuse of dominance in contravention of the Competition Act (Computicket)


SOUTH AFRICA: COMPETITION APPEAL COURT CONFIRMS TRIBUNAL FINDING IN COMPUTICKET ABUSE OF DOMINANCE CASE* The South African Competition Appeal Court (CAC) on 23 October 2019 dismissed an appeal by Computicket (Pty) Ltd. (Computicket), following the decision of the Competition Tribunal (...)

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