Cemal Ökmen Yücel

Enerjisa (Istanbul)
In-house Counsel

I’ve worked for over 10 years as a competition expert on law and economics for the Turkish Competition Authority enforcing antitrust rules in Turkey. Previously I worked for 1.5 year as an official at the Research Dept. of the Central Bank of Turkey, the monetary policy authority. Currently, I’m working at Enerjisa responsible for establishing, structuring and managing the competition department providing competition law and economics consultancy to the company, the leading firm in energy industry. Before Enerjisa I managed the competition unit of Zorlu Holding responsible for the competition compliance of the group companies including Vestel, Vestel International, Zorlu Energy, Zorluteks, Korteks, Taç, Eataly, Zorlu Center, Zorlu PSM.

In addition to economics BSc. degree from METU I hold MPA degree from Columbia University in the city of New York concentrated in Global Energy Management and Policy and specialized in Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis. As a part of this degree, I tried to acquire skills through economics/quantitative courses in addition to the energy, finance and management courses. I also audited courses at Columbia Law School and Columbia College as a part of my passion to learn more from this reputable school. I also worked as a graduate consultant for Booz Allen.

At the TCA, I have worked on numerous economic models to support ongoing investigations in addition to handling cases analyzing the business dynamics of energy, pharmaceuticals, finance, fintech, chemicals, and insurance sectors. One of my special interests is the energy sector where I worked in the Privatization Cases of Electricity Distribution and Power Generation Companies of Turkey, which, in fact, designed the competitive structure of the liberalizing energy markets. In addition to monopolization cases in the power industry, I also worked in Gazprom’s merger cases and contributed to the “Natural Gas Market Study” which analyses the natural gas industry in Turkey.


- Marmara University Bachelor of Laws LLB, Law 2018 – 2022

- Anadolu University Associate’s degree, Law 2016 – 2018

- Columbia University in the City of New York Master of Public Administration (MPA), [Advanced Economic Policy Analysis] + [Global Energy Management and Policy] 2013 – 2015

- Middle East Technical University Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics 2001 – 2005


651 Bulletin

Cemal Ökmen Yücel The Turkish Competition Authority rules that leading GSM operator abused its dominant position in the GSM services used in vehicle tracking services by complicating its competitors’ activities via exclusive practices (Turkcell)


Leading GSM operator Turkcell fined TL 40 million for abuse of dominance as Council of State annulled the previous decision* According to the Turkish Competition Authority’s (TCA) press release, Turkcell, the leading GSM operator in Turkey, was fined approximately TL 40 million (USD 20 (...)

Cemal Ökmen Yücel The Turkish Competition Authority releases its Horizontal Agreements Guidelines and Communication on Specialization Agreements, thus aligning its acquis to the EU competition regime


Guidelines on Horizontal Cooperation Agreements are released* TCB released the long-awaited Guidelines on Horizontal Cooperation Agreements (Horizontal Agreements Guidelines) and the Block Exemption Communiqué Concerning Specialization Agreementson 26 June 2013. The Horizontal Agreement (...)

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