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Carole Maczkovics

Covington & Burling (Brussels)
Of Counsel

Carole is Of Counsel in the Competition team of Covington. She has developed a cutting-edge expertise in State aid law, regulation and public contracts (including subsidies, public procurement, concessions, and management contracts) with the Belgian and European authorities. Carole has a proven track record of advising public and private entities, which she successfully represents in administrative and judicial proceedings on complex state aid, public procurement and regulatory issues before the European Commission as well as before the Belgian and European courts. Carole also has a deep knowledge of regulated network industries, such as transport (railways and airways), energy, postal services and telecom. She acts as a visiting lecturer for the application of competition law and regulation in the railway sector at King’s College London and at the Brussels School of Competition. She is a State aid trainer at EFE, Paris. She has published many articles on regulated network industries, State aid and public contracting, and contributes to conferences and seminars on a regular basis.

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616 Bulletin

Peter D. Camesasca, Carole Maczkovics, Sophie Bertin The EU Parliament signs the Commission’s proposal which would allow the Commission to examine whether foreign subsidies have a potential negative impact on the internal market


On 4 May 2022, the European Parliament (the “Parliament”) adopted its position on the proposal of the European Commission (the “Commission”) for a Regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market (the “Foreign Subsidies Regulation”) (see our alert on the proposal). It confirms the (...)

James Marshall, Sophie Bertin, Carole Maczkovics, Grace Kim, Antoine Espinasse The UK Government’s Subsidy Control Bill receives Royal Assent and passes into law transitioning the UK to a regime where potential aid is self-assessed by the relevant public body, as opposed to being approved by the EU Commission or UK Competition Authority


On 28 April 2022, the Subsidy Control Bill (the “Bill”) received Royal Assent, becoming the Subsidy Control Act 2022 (the “Act”). The Act lays the basic framework for the new UK-wide subsidy control regime, which is now expected to come into force in Autumn 2022. Although the Act primarily (...)

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