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Bjarke is Case officer at DG Competition

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1733 Bulletin

Bjarke List, Vita Juknevičiūtė The European Commission imposes fines against fresh bananas suppliers for operating a cartel in eight EU Member States (Dole / Chiquita / Wiechert / Del Monte)


"The banana cartel decision"* On 15 October 2008, the Commission adopted a prohibition decision against Dole, Chiquita, Weichert and Del Monte for operating a cartel for fresh bananas in eight EU Member States. The Commission imposed fines totalling €60.3 million on Dole, Weichert and Del (...)

Bjarke List, Massimo De Luca The European Commission fines producers and traders of synthetic rubber € 519 M for price fixing and market sharing cartel (Butadiene Rubber, Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Rubber)


"Commission fines producers and traders of synthetic rubber € 519 million for price fixing and market sharing cartel"* On 29 November 2006 the Commission adopted a Decision and imposed fines totalling € 519 050 000 on five groups of companies for participating in a cartel involving price fixing (...)

Bjarke List The European Commission fines a cartel in the sorbates industry


"Commission adopts cartel decision imposing fines in sorbates cartel"* In a decision adopted on 1 October 2003, the European Commission found that Hoechst AG, Chisso Corporation, Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd, Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co Ltd and Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry Ltd (...)

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