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Bettina Kovecses

Bird & Bird (Budapest)
Lawyer (Associate)

Bettina is a senior associate in the Intellectual Property Group, based in the Budapest office. She. also leads the Hungarian retail and consumer team. She used her in-depth experience to give advice in various fields of IP law, but predominantly in trade mark and design prosecution and enforcement matters, both on a national as well as a European and international level. She is devoted to science, innovation and creativity, which allows me to use my knowledge and passion to secure the best possible option for obtaining, protecting and enforcing the clients’ rights. She advises a wide spectrum of clients predominantly in the pharma and FMCG sectors, from multinationals to smaller labels and design or architectural companies. She specialises in IP law and copyrights and additional areas which IP-heavy businesses face in their day to day operations, such as branding, licensing, know-how and trade secrets protection, including strategic or investment transfer of IP rights. Over the years, Bettina has acted as a mentor for numerous incubation programmes, including one of the first run by the Design Terminal, the former Hungarian State Agency responsible for creative industries. She is also actively involved in the effects of the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy and regularly holds seminars and events on geo-blocking and social media marketing topics.

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