Ben Van Rompuy

University of Leiden - Europa Institute
Assistant Professor of Competition Law

Ben Van Rompuy is Assistant Professor of Competition Law at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School.



567 Bulletin

Ben Van Rompuy The Belgian Competition Authority imposes interim measures on a billiards game association following a complaint raised on its anticompetitive rules (Belgian Bumper Pool Association)


In a decision of 24 January 2020, the Competition College of the Belgian Competition Authority imposed an interim measure on the Belgian Bumper Pool Association (Belgian Golf Billiards League, BGB) concerning the balls that may be played with in competitions and matches organised by the BGB or (...)

Ben Van Rompuy The EU Court of Justice holds that Italy failed to comply with the Commission’s State aid decision addressing the issue of the status of protocol on internal market and competition (Commission / Italy)


“Thanks Nicolas Sarkozy, but no thanks.” CJEU rules on status of Protocol on Internal Market and Competition* When the EU leaders agreed on the final version of the Lisbon Treaty, one particular amendment caused turmoil in the European competition law community. The Lisbon Treaty repealed the (...)

Ben Van Rompuy The EU Court of Justice rejects the argument that the prohibition on the import, sale and use of foreign decoding devices was necessary to ensure compliance with the UK blackout rule (Football Association Premier League)


Premier League fans in Europe worse off after Murphy judgment* When the European Court of Justice (CJ) delivered its judgment in joined cases FA Premier League v QC Leisure and others (C-403/08) and Karen Murphy v Media Protection Services (C-429/08) (Murphy), it was deemed a radical (...)

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