Latvian Supreme Court

An independent judicial authority exists in the Republic of Latvia alongside legislative and executive authority. In the three-instance court system of Latvia, the Supreme Court or the Senate is the third, or the highest level court, which adjudicates cases at the cassation instance. The basis of Supreme Court authority is laid down in the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Articles included in Chapter 6 of the Constitution entitled “Courts” state that in Latvia, court cases shall be heard by district (city) courts, regional courts and the Supreme Court; judges shall be independent and subject only to the law; judges shall be confirmed in the office by the Saeima (the Parliament) and they shall be irremovable. The establishment, structure and competence of the Supreme Court is set out in the law “On Judicial Power”. The Law stipulates that the Supreme Court may also be called the Senate, which is a historical name of the cassation instance in Latvia.


15 Bulletin

Latvian Supreme Court The Latvian Supreme Court overturns a decision annulling the Competition Authority’s decision to fine an author associate in a royalty payment case (AKKA / LAA)


Dispute between AKKA/LAA and the Competition Council on the penalties imposed on the association is referred for re-examination* On 6 February, the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court annulled the judgment of the Administrative Regional Court in the case of dispute between (...)

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