Aurore Laget-Annamayer

University of Rouen Normandy

Aurore Laget-Annamayer is law Professor at University of Rouen. Before, she was Senior Lecturer at University Paris Descartes, where she obtained her PHD in Public law. She lectures European and French Economic law, Public Financial Institutions and international and European environment law. Her main fields of interest are Regulatory law (energy, telecommunications, transports) and Public Economic law.


2084 Review

Aurore Laget-Annamayer COVID-19: The French Supreme Administrative Court, on the occasion of new summary proceedings introduced since autumn 2020 in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, confirms the prevalence of the public health objective over economic freedoms


The new progression of the Covid-19 epidemic in the autumn of 2020 in France led the President of the Republic to declare, by decree no. 2020-1257 of 14 October 2020 issued on the basis of articles L. 3131-12 and L. 3131-13 C. sant. pub., a state of health emergency as of 17 October 2020 (...)

Aurore Laget-Annamayer Precautionary principle: The French Supreme Administrative Court rejects the appeals against the ministerial order defining the conditions of use of the 5G frequencies, considering that a prior environmental assessment was not necessary because the definition of the conditions of use of the frequencies did not fall within the scope of article 3 § 4 of the directive 2001/42/EC of 27 June 2001 (CFE-CGC Orange)


The conditions for the use of 5G frequencies have been appealed to the Council of State by several associations. It is true that the deployment of 5G has raised controversy regarding its environmental impact and illustrates the question of how sustainable development is taken into account in (...)

Aurore Laget-Annamayer COVID-19: The French Supreme Administrative Court rejects several referrals in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, confirming the importance of the objective of public health in relation to economic freedoms


In recent months, the Council of State has been seized of several summary proceedings aimed at suspending decrees adopted on the basis of the provisions of Act No. 2020-290 of 23 March 2020 declaring a state of health emergency from 24 March 2020 to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic and for a (...)

Aurore Laget-Annamayer SGEI: The French Supreme Administrative Court considers that the exclusive rights granted to two electricity distributors are compatible with European Union law (Enedis and EDF)


In a judgment dated 10 July 2020, the Council of State ruled that exclusive rights to distribute electricity and supply at regulated sales tariffs are compatible with European Union law. It therefore accepted the absence of competitive tendering for distribution concession contracts and their (...)

Aurore Laget-Annamayer Principle of equality: The French Supreme Administrative Court considers that the decree of March 9, 1966 setting the fee rates for dental surgeons who have not signed a convention at a different level from that of practitioners covered by the convention does not violate the principle of equality (CCDELI38 Support)


The Conseil d’État was called upon to rule on the legality of a decree of 9 March 1966 setting the rates of fees for medical practitioners and medical auxiliaries applicable in the absence of an agreement, for care provided to socially insured persons. In principle, the tariffs of these (...)

Aurore Laget-Annamayer, Bertrand du Marais Concession schemes – Principle of public procurement: The Council of State retains that the general principles of public procurement do not prevent consortium bidding as long as legal requirements for grouping are abode by (Commune d’Aix-en-Provence)


CE, 13.07.12, Commune d’Aix-en-Provence, box n°358512 The Commune of Aix-en-Provence has launched a public service delegation procedure for the management of a pound and an animal shelter. The commune, wishing to group these two activities on the same site, wanted to entrust them to the same (...)

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