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Augustijn van Haasteren is a Dutch national working for the Competition Directorate-general of the European Commission since 1995. After having dealt with some major cases in the media sector and, subsequently, the computer, software and consumer electronics sectors, he moved on to the energy and water unit in 2003. Since then he made, for instance, major contributions to the energy sector inquiry, that sets out the European’s Commission’s assessmet of competitive conditions in the gas and electricity sector, which had a pronounced impact on the third legislative package presented by the European Commission in January 2007. He was also part of the GDF-Suez merger team that obtained important concessions of the merging parties as a condition for its approval by the Commission. From 1982 – 1988 he attended the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, to achieve the Netherlands Degree in economics, specifically Micro- and industrial economics, quantitative methods, administrative and constitutional law. Then he visited the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium European Economic studies (1988 – 1989), after which he started working for the European Commission, Eurostat (1989 – 1995). In 1995 he became part of the European Commission, DG Competition, a position he still holds today.

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5480 Bulletin

Augustijn Van Haasteren, Maciej Ciszewski, Nicolas Bessot The EU Commission makes legally binding commitments proposed by French incumbent electricity operator in long term contracts case (EDF)


"The EDF long term contracts case: addressing foreclosure for the long term benefit of industrial customers"* I. Introduction On 17 March 2010, the Commission adopted a decision making legally binding the commitments offered by EDF (the incumbent operator) on the French market for the supply (...)

Augustijn Van Haasteren, Cyril Hariton, Krisztian Kecsmar, Pablo Asbo, Polyvios Panayides, Raphaël De Coninck The EU Commission approves, subject to conditions, an acquisition in the Belgian electricity market (EDF / Segebel)


EDF/Segebel (SPE) - More power to boost competition in Belgian energy markets* I. Introduction In September 2009, the Commission received a notification of a proposed concentration whereby Electricité de France («EDF») would acquire from Centrica, a UK energy company, a 100% stake in Segebel (...)

Alessandro Paolicchi, Augustijn Van Haasteren, Clémentine Martini, Geerts Wils, Giuseppe Conte, Kirsten Bachour, Peter Eberl, Philippe Redondo The EU Commission approves a merger between two undertakings operating in the gas sector, electricity generation and retail, and in energy services keeping energy markets in Belgium and France open and contestable through far-reaching remedies (Gaz de France / Suez Group)


Gaz de France/Suez: Keeping energy markets in Belgium and France open and contestable through far-reaching remedies* I. Introduction Following an in-depth investigation, the Commission approved under the EU Merger Regulation the merger between Gaz de France (‘GDF‘) and the Suez Group on 14 (...)

Augustijn Van Haasteren, Miguel Angel Pena Castellot The EU Commission fines game consoles manufacturer and seven of its European distributors for colluding to prevent parallel trade (Nintendo)


"Commission fines Nintendo and seven of its European distributors for colluding to prevent parallel trade in Nintendo products"* 1. Introduction The Commission Decision commented here concerns the distribution of Nintendo manufactured game consoles (the NES and SNES static consoles, that were (...)

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