Anna Jorna

Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Anna Jorna focuses on all aspects of EU competition law. Prior to joining Van Bael & Bellis, Anna worked as a Blue Book trainee in the team of the Secretary-General of the European Commission. Anna has also gained experience as a legal intern in the Amsterdam and Brussels offices of two leading law firms, and as a legal clerk in the Rotterdam District Court.


42 Bulletin

Anna Jorna The Rotterdam District Court annuls the authorisation of the acquisition of postal services providers on the basis that it would result in a monopoly on the Dutch postal delivery market (Sandd / PostNL)


On 11 June 2020, the Rotterdam District Court (the “Court”) annulled the authorisation of the acquisition of postal services provider Sandd by rival PostNL. The transaction had been authorised by the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (the “State Secretary”) after receiving an (...)

Anna Jorna The Amsterdam Court of Appeal dismisses a claim that a real estate agent association’s self-preferencing strategy is abusive because the competitive position remained unaffected (VBO / NVM / Funda)


On 26 May 2020, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (the “Court”) handed down its judgment in the dispute between the real estate agent association VBO (“VBO”) and Funda Real Estate (“Funda”) and the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents (“NVM”). The Court upheld the judgment of the District Court finding (...)

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