Andres Calderon Lopez

University of Pacifico (Lima)

Andres Calderon is a full-time professor at Universidad del Pacifico (UP) in Peru. He is the Director of the Legal Clinic and a researcher at the Research Center of the Universidad del Pacifico (CIUP). He teaches Competition Law, Law and Economics, Economic Regulation of Public Utilities, Administrative Law and Media Law. He also works as an independent consultant on competition law and regulation for governmental entities and private companies. Prior to joining UP, Andres worked as an antitrust consultant for the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C, and for the Peruvian Competition Authority (Indecopi), the Peruvian Telecommunications Regulator (Osiptel) and Peruvian law firms. Andres holds a Master of Laws degree from Yale University and a Law degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. He also is a former Fulbright scholar and Ronald Coase Institute scholar.


1282 Review

Andres Calderon Lopez Peru: Competition law enforcement - Reaching maturity


This article describes the most recent changes and trends in Peru’s competition law enforcement. After presenting an overview of Peru’s competition law and policy, the author depicts the evolution of Indecopi (Peru’s competition authority) in its fight against horizontal collusion and shows (...)

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