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Andrea Amelio

DG COMP (Brussels)
Economist at the Chief Economist Team

Dr. Andrea Amelio joined DG COMP’s Chief Economist Team in September 2007. He currently works on mergers, Article 101, Article 102 and State Aid cases in a range of industries including basic industries, financial services, transport and ICT. He holds a Ph.D in industrial economics from Toulouse School of Economics. His publications are in the field of industrial organization with a special focus on collusion and bundling.

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1596 Bulletin

Andrea Amelio, Miguel de la Mano, Pablo Asbo, Ruben Maximiano, Viktor Porubsky The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger in the baking industry after analysis of possible coordinated effects (ABF / GBI)


ABF/GBI Business: coordinated effects baked again* I. Introduction Just a few months after the Court of Justice gave a key ruling in Sony/BMG v Impala, the Commission adopted its decision in the ABF/GBI Businesscase. This was the first case since Airtoursin which the Commission intervened (...)

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