Alison Eggers

Seyfarth Shaw (Boston)
Lawyer (Partner)

The legal landscape isn’t always clear. Grey areas abound, particularly for clients that innovate, take risks, and look to the future instead of the past. Alison takes the time to develop a deep understanding of her clients’ businesses and the people who drive those businesses, which helps her clients reach the right business decisions for their unique circumstances. Alison began her career as a securities litigator, an experience that has proven invaluable in representing clients in other highly regulated industries. In addition to broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other securities clients, she has represented wholesalers, distributors, retailers, franchisors, franchisees, and trade associations, which gives her unique insight into the competing interests that drive business today. Alison’s deep knowledge of her clients’ businesses and relationships with business line personnel have given her valuable institutional knowledge of their business operations, litigation histories, and regulatory concerns. That connection with her clients has helped her become a go-to problem-spotter, not just a problem-solver, for her clients. As a seasoned trial attorney, Alison knows she can’t lose sight of the end goal in the day-to-day management of litigation or investigations. Litigation isn’t the only way to conclude a dispute. Sometimes the best resolutions that she can help clients reach are creative, negotiated settlements that clear the way for the business to move forward and preserve existing relationships. Seyfarth’s platform provides Alison the opportunity to interact closely with clients to work through existing challenges, and anticipate changes and trends in the sectors where they operate.


53 Bulletin

Alison Eggers The US DoJ announces that a proposed patent-pooling platform dedicated to 5G cellular technology standards for use in the automotive industry is unlikely to harm competition (Avanci)


DOJ Antitrust Division Approval of Pooling of “Essential” Standards Will Help Speed Integration of 5G Technology Into New Vehicles* The US Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust Division recently announced that it has concluded that a proposed patent-pooling platform dedicated to “essential” 5G (...)

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