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Ashurst (Paris)

Adèle Azzi is a lawyer at the Paris Bar and is an associate at the competition department of the Paris office of Ashurst LLP. She specialises in State aids, merger control, cartels, abuses of dominance and assistance to companies in case of investigations by competition authorities. Adèle has experience in particular in the energy and transport sectors. She graduated from University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas and the London School of Economics (UK).

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620 Review

Christophe Lemaire, Adèle Azzi Business secrets: The French Administrative Supreme Court declines jurisdiction to deal with an appeal against a decision of the French Competition Authority to include, within its interim measures decision, information that has benefited from the protection granted to business secrets (Google)


The period is decidedly rich with regard to the litigation surrounding the protection of business secrecy of companies. After the two rulings of the Court of Cassation of 29 January 2020 (see above), the Court of Appeal has now decided that the protection of business confidentiality is a matter (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Adèle Azzi Breach of commitments: The French Competition Authority adopts a new decision in relation to the violation of commitments adopted in anticompetitive practices (Mutualité de La Réunion)


The period under review is marked not only by the publication of a study on commitments (see above) but also by the adoption by the Competition Authority of a new decision on the non-compliance of commitments entered into in the area of anti-competitive practices. These decisions, although few (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Adèle Azzi Dawn raids: The French Supreme Court considers that an undertaking is "implicated" in a dawn raid and therefore has a right to an effective appeal, so that the minutes and inventory of the previous dawn raid must be annexed both to the request and to the court order (Whirlpool)


The ruling handed down by the Court of Cassation on 13 June 2019 in the Whirlpool case is interesting in several respects. First of all, it recalls the importance of the right to an effective remedy, thus echoing the position expressed a few years ago by the European Court of Human Rights in (...)

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