Armanç Canbeyli

Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki (BASEAK)
Laywer (Associate)

Armanç Canbeyli assists clients in competition law, mergers and acquisitions, conducting compliance programs and represents the clients before the authorities. Armanç advises foreign and local companies operating in retail, energy, insurance, automotive, fast moving consumer goods, telecommunication, production, cement and health. With his expertise in competition law, Armanç represents corporations before the Competition Authority and other regulatory bodies as well as public authorities.

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Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki (BASEAK) (Istanbul)


62 Bulletin

Armanç Canbeyli, Evren Sesli The Turkish Competition Authority initiales a full-fledged investigation on the Turkish poultry sector and concludes that sector specific justifications are not enough to prevent violations (BESDBIR)


ASSESSMENT OF INFORMATION EXCHANGE FINES UNDER TURKISH COMPETITION LAW REGIME: SECTOR SPECIFIC JUSTIFICATIONS MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO PREVENT THE VIOLATIONS !* Competition law, at its core, is a case law based practice. The natural habitat of enforcement for competition rules is the consolidation (...)

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