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Zachariah Davies

Ashurst (Brussels)

Zachariah Davies was, until 2022, associate at Ashurst’s EU & Competition Team in Brussels. Prior to this, Zachariah Davies was on traineeship with Judge Anthony Collins, 8th Chamber of the General Court. He holds an LLM in EU Law from the Free University of Brussels

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1681 Bulletin

Gabriele Accardo, Giulia Carnazza, Zachariah Davies Internet & Antitrust: An overview of EU and national case law


This foreword on Internet and Antitrust covers lots of interesting articles of the last 3 years on some of the major developments in the Internet space at EU and national levels. Indeed, it is always fascinating to get insights from the many practitioners and enforcers who have contributed to this wealth of knowledge on complex and evolving issues... not least because, in a fast-approaching future, articles may be written by AI authors who will surely tell us ALL we wanted to know about algorithm collusion, big data, etc.

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