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Dr. Wan Jiang has extensive experience with complex antitrust and competition law issues. Prior joining Global Law office as a partner in Beijing, he served as a senior case handler at Price Supervision and Anti-Monopoly Bureau (PSAMB) of National Development of Reform Commission (NDRC) participating in a number of significant anti-trust & cartel investigations and leading the draft of Leniency Program and Commitment Rules under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. Dr. Wan received an intensive training in both DG Competition of the European Commission and Irish Competition Authority in 2013. He acquired Ph.D. in law in 2010 at China University of Political science and Law (CUPL) and Master in economic law in 2005 at Wuhan University. Dr. Wan also pubilished China Competition Law: Theory, Practice & Comparative law (Second edition) in 2017.


329 Bulletin

Jiang Wan The Chinese Supreme Court recognises the dual effects of vertical restraints and the courts will consider competitive and anti-competitive influences of a vertical restraint when judging on its legality (Hainan Yutai Technology Feed)


For a long time, Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law Enforcement Agencies (AMEA) and the judicial branch have been applying different standards when reviewing vertical agreements. Chinese AMEA persists that vertical agreements are per se illegal. Once such an agreement presents external elements (...)

Jiang Wan The Chinese Administration for Industry and Commerce of Hubei Province decides that a company attained market dominance through multiple contractual arrangements (Xinxing Jingying Pharmaceuticals)


From 2015 to 2017, Wuhan Xinxing Jingying Pharmaceuticals, LLC ("Xinxing Pharmaceuticals") monopolized methyl salicylate active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) market of China through multiple contractual arrangements. In January 2017, Xinxing Pharmaceuticals was fined RMB2.2 million by the (...)

638 Review

Jiang Wan China: Ten years of Anti-Monopoly Law - Its review and prospect


China AML was promulgated ten years ago. The prospective of China AML appeared limited but steady progress in competition policy, legal system, enforcement, international cooperation and so on. This essay looked back past decade of China AML and provided some predictions and expectations. (...)


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