New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)

Virginie Elissalde

New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)
Rapporteur générale

Virginie Elissalde has been a Rapporteur at the ACNC since September 15, 2019. She holds a PhD in Development Law and Economics and she started her career as a project manager at the Bouches du Rhône Economic Development Agency in 1999 before joining the National School of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control in 2004. She then worked as an editor at the DGCCRF’s Merger Office in Paris and as a management assistant at the Banque de France before joining the regional and then the interregional competition investigation brigade for the PACA-Corse-Occitania regions.

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University of Perpignan
New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)
New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)
New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)
New Caledonia Competition Authority (Noumea)


3533 Review

Walid Chaiehloudj, Benoît Cœuré, Christophe Venture, Aurélie Zoude-Le-Berre, Nicolas Genty, Antoine Callot, Matthieu Pujuguet, Déborah Higuero, Virginie Elissalde Competition law enforcement according to the three French competition authorities in French overseas territories (Nouméa, 27 juillet 2022)


Abstract On 27 July 2022 in Noumea, the New Caledonian Competition Authority organized an anniversary conference to celebrate the fourth year of its establishment. The aim of the conference was to compare the views of the three French competition authorities (the French Competition (...)


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