Vilenas Vadapalas

EUROLEX (Vilnius)
Lawyer (Partner)

Prof. Dr. Vilenas Vadapalas is an Attorney at law at Law Offices Vadapalas, Vaitekūnas and Partners EUROLEX since 2016. Prof. Dr. Vilenas Vadapalas has a vast experience in International Law including its academic, judicial and governmental sides. He worked for the Lithuanian government as an Advisor on Foreign Affairs, Director General of the European Law Department, Negotiator for the EU membership and bilateral negotiations with Latvia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, other countries and organizations (1991-2004), as a Judge of the General Court of the European Union (2004-2013) and Professor of law at various academic institutions. His practice areas include European Union law, international law, human rights, competition, trademark, patent, company laws, IT law, arbitration, representation at courts, arbitral tribunals, etc. Prof. Dr. Vilenas Vadapalas speaks Lithuanian, English, French, German, Polish and Russian. Research fellowships and internships were held at University of Paris II, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Swiss Insitute of Comparative Law.


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