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Céline Verney is a Senior Associate at Hogan Lovells Paris. She advises clients on all aspects of competition law. Experienced in merger control, she has taken part in the defense of the first company ever fined by the European Commission for implementation of a transaction before antitrust clearance (so called "gun jumping"). Céline also assists clients in international cartel cases prosecuted by the European Commission and other agencies throughout the world, in antitrust cases before the French Competition Authority, as well as in follow-on damages actions. She advises clients on State aid issues, including before administrative courts, and on their commercial and distribution agreements. Graduated from King’s College London and Sciences Po, Céline is a member of the Paris bar.

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4725 Review

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Telecommunications: The French Competition Authority authorizes, subject to conditions, an acquisition in the sector of the operation of passive mobile telecommunication infrastructures (Hivory / Cellnex)


Commitments - Telecommunications: The French Competition Authority authorizes, subject to conditions, an acquisition in the sector of the operation of passive mobile telecommunications infrastructures (Aut. conc., dec. n° 21-DCC-197 of October 25, 2021 relating to the acquisition of exclusive (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Clearance: The French Competition Authority clears, after a first phase and without conditions, the takeover of a French magazine group by one of the main French media groups (Vivendi / Prisma media)


Although authorized after an unconditional phase 1 review, Vivendi ’s acquisition of the magazine group Prisma Media has given rise to interesting developments in a sector characterized by ever-increasing convergence between the various advertising markets, which involves the development of (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Remedies: The French Competition Authority authorizes, subject to structural and behavioral remedies, the merger between two health-care groups in the South of France (Elsan / Hexagone Santé Méditerranée, Bonnefon-Carnot)


Reviewing a well-established decision-making practice (See in particular the letters from the Minister of the Economy: C-2007-91 to the board of Vitalia Développement 2, concerning a merger in the sector of diagnostics and care in healthcare institutions; C-2007-80 of 24 July 2007 to the board (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Phase I: The European Commission authorizes, following a phase I review and subject to remedies, two mergers in the pharmaceutical sector (GlaxoSmithKline / Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Business, AbbVie / Allergan)


The Commission has recently decided on two transactions in the pharmaceutical sector, both of which have been cleared subject to divestitures: the acquisition of Allergan by Abbvie and the acquisition of Pfizer’s consumer health division by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Although they concern very (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Commitments: The European Commission clears, after an in-depth investigation and subject to commitments, a merger between two Swedish Telecommunications operators active in several European Union Member States (Telia / Bonnier)


On 12 November 2019, the European Commission cleared the acquisition of the operator Bonnier Broadcasting by the Swedish telecommunications group Telia. Both operators are active in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. While Telia provides fixed and mobile telecommunications services and (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Sanction: The French Supreme Administrative Court confirms the French Competition Authority’s decision imposing a EUR 20 million fine on a French electrical household distributor for breach of its commitments undertaken in the context of a merger (Fnac / Darty)


In the context of the acquisition of sole control of Darty by Fnac, which was authorised by the French Competition Authority by a decision of 27 July 2016Fnac had undertaken to sell six stores in Paris and the Paris region before 1 August 2017. However, for three of these stores, namely the (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Commitments: The European Commission clears a merger, subject to several commitments, between two global manufacturers of aluminium flat rolled products (Novelis / Aleris)


On 1 October 2019, the European Commission authorised the merger between two global manufacturers of flat-rolled aluminium products: Novelis, the US subsidiary of the Indian group Hindalco, and Aleris, a US group also specialising in the production of semi-finished aluminium products. Both have (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Gun-jumping: The European Commission imposes two fines totalling EUR 28 million upon one of the world major suppliers of optical products for having infringed the Merger Regulation prior notification and standstill obligations (Canon / Toshiba Medical Systems)


Warehousing – or portage – transactions, which consist in parking the target with an interim buyer in view of its onward sale to the ultimate acquirer, are no exceptions to the prohibition of gun jumping: this is, in a nutshell, the conclusion drawn by the European Commission in its decision of (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Revelant market: The French Competition Authority accepts to consider, for the second time, as part of one single relevant market both brick and mortar sales and online sales (Luderix International / Jellej Jouets)


By a decision of 17 April 2019, the Competition Authority authorised the change from sole to joint control over Luderix, which operates the Picwic toy store. Jellej Jouets thus acquired 49% of the target’s capital and voting rights, with the remaining 51% held by the Mulliez joint venture, which (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Clearance: The European Commission approves, subject to conditions and following an in-depth investigation, a merger between the two main refrigeration compressor producers (Nidec / Embraco)


On April 12, 2019, the European Commission has approved the acquisition by Nidec, a Japanese company active in the electric motors and motor products sector, of Embraco, a subsidiary of Whirlpool based in Brazil and specialised in the production of refrigeration compressors. Refrigeration (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Fine: The European Commission imposes a 52 million fine for the supply of wrong information within the framework of a merger control (General Electric / LM Wind Power)


110 million fine imposed on Facebook for providing inaccurate information in connection with its acquisition of WhatsApp (Eur.Comm., August 30, 2017, Facebook/WhatsApp, M.8228, p. 8228).The European Commission, which has made the violation of procedural rules in merger control one of its new (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Clearance: The European Commission approves, subject to conditions, the creation of six joint ventures by two manufacturers in the sector of mobility services (Daimler / BMW)


On November 7, 2018, the Commission approved a concentration whereby the two German car manufacturers Daimler and BMW planned to pool their mobility service businesses, including in particular their car sharing services. The two German car makers’ project consists in the creation of six (...)

Eric Paroche, Céline Verney Structural remedies: The European Commission approves a $30 billion horizontal merger in the aviation industry, subject to the divestment of several businesses in actuators, pilot controls, ice protection and oxygen systems (UTC / Rockwell Collins)


On 4 May 2018, the European Commission approved the acquisition by United Technologies Corporation (’UTC’) of the whole of Rockwell Collins, after a phase I investigation but subject to important structural remedies. UTC is a provider of high-technology products and services for the building and (...)

François Brunet, Céline Verney Authorization: The European Commission publishes the non-confidential version of its 2018 decision authorizing a merger between the world’s largest suppliers of corrective lenses and branded eyewear (Essilor / Luxottica)


It took a year and a half to publish the European Commission’s decision to authorize, after a phase 2 review and without conditions, the merger between two major players in the optical industry, Italy’s Luxottica, a supplier of eyeglass frames and sunglasses, which owns the Ray-Ban, Oakley and (...)


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