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Tristan Byrne

Oxera (London)

Tristan Byrne is an Economic Consultant at Oxera (London). Tristan is a member of Oxera’s Analytics team. He has worked on a broad range of competition projects including impact assessments, merger reviews and cartel damages claims. Tristan has a focus on the digital sector and has provided analysis to a number of technology firms to help them understand the impact of new digital regulations. Prior to joining Oxera, Tristan completed his Masters in Finance and Economics at the University of Cambridge. He completed his Bachelor’s in Economics at the University of Warwick, where he won the prize for best undergraduate policy dissertation. He presented this dissertation at the Carroll Round conference at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

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197 Bulletin

Tristan Byrne, Leon Fields The UK Parliament publishes an independent report by MP John Penrose on the national approach to competition and consumer protection policy highlighting issues related to applied economics


The Penrose Review investigated the state of competition and consumer protection policy in the UK, as well as economic regulation in network sectors. Some of the consumer protection proposals would be beneficial to consumers; however, others are untested and may have unintended consequences. In (...)

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