Togan Turan

Paksoy (Istanbul)

Togan Turan is the partner heading the antitrust and competition practice at Paksoy and successfully advising clients in antitrust matters such as cartel and abuse of dominance investigations and assists them in merger control, individual exemption and negative clearance applications as well as counseling on general competition law matters.

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Paksoy (Istanbul)
Paksoy (Istanbul)
Paksoy (Istanbul)


191 Bulletin

Togan Turan, Deniz Benli, Gülçin Dere, Oğulcan Halebak The Turkish Competition Authority reinforces commitment to antitrust enforcement in the FMCG sector by fining 5 largest retailers for direct price fixing and hub-and-spoke arrangements (Savola / A101 / BİM / Carrefour / Migros / Şok)


Turkish Competition Board’s Chain Markets decision: a boost for competition law enforcement against hub-and-spoke arrangements in Turkey* Introduction The term “hub-and-spoke” refers to an atypical form of horizontal coordination characterised by vertical exchanges or agreements between economic (...)

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