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361 Bulletin

Jullien Sylvestre, Laura Seritti The EU Commission approves the acquisition of a leading global R&D crop protection company by a leading global generic crop protection company, subject to remedies (ChemChina / Syngenta)


ChemChina/Syngenta: when growth is no longer organic* In a nutshell: This case concerned the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina, which already controlled Adama, the largest supplier of generic crop protection products. Adama is the largest generic company in this industry worldwide and in (...)

Jullien Sylvestre, Luca Aguzzoni, Thomas Buettner The EU Commission clears acquisition of the third-largest company by the second-largest company in the market for industrial chocolate, subject to conditions (Cargill / ADM)


Cargill/ADM: How far would you go for chocolate?* In a nutshell: This case involved assessing the horizontal overlaps between two of the top three producers of industrial chocolate in Europe. Key elements were the reconstruction of market shares based on a customer- and plant-based definition (...)

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