Shantanu Braj Choubey

National University of Study and Research in Law (Ranchi)
Assistant Professor

Shantanu Braj Choubey is an assistant professor in law at National University for Study and Research in Law, Jharkhand, India. His areas of interest include law and economics, executive compensation and corporate morality.

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National University of Study and Research in Law (Ranchi)


331 Bulletin

Shantanu Braj Choubey, Navantak Agrawal The Indian Competition Authority receives an anonymous complaint on alleged dominance by a Big Tech company through the Android ecosystem (Google UPI)


Introduction Pursuant to the scrutiny of WhatsApp over allegation of abusive dominance regarding its Payment app, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) warranted a detailed investigation against Google to monitor its anti-competitive practices over multiple facets including a violation of (...)

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