Oles Andriychuk

University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)

Oles Andriychuk is a Reader in Competition and Internet Law at the University of Strathclyde School of Law, where he also directs the Centre for Internet Law and Policy (SCILP). Prior he was a Senior Lecturer. He also leads an LLM Programme in Internet Law & Policy/IT & Telecommunications Law and runs SCILP’s monthly webinar series (recordings are available on YouTube). Oles’s article, exploring the Digital Markets Act – ’Shifting the Digital Paradigm: Towards a Sui Generis Competition Policy’ – received Portuguese Competition Authority’s 2021 Award for academic work in Competition Policy. His main areas of research concern the theoretical aspects of competition law (the latest article – ’Between Microeconomics and Geopolitics: On the Reasonable Application of Competition Law’, Modern Law Review, Vol. 85, 2022, pp. 1–36, Early view); digital competition law (the latest article – ’Shaping the New Modality of the Digital Markets: The Impact of the DSA/DMA Proposals on Inter-Platform Competition’, World Competition: Law & Economic Review, Vol. 44, No. 3, 2021, pp. 261–286 (Concurrences 2022 Academic Articles Award Nomination) and philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of economic competition (monograph ’The Normative Foundations of European Competition Law Assessing the Goals of Antitrust through the Lens of Legal Philosophy’, Edward Elgar, 2017, 360pp). Oles is a guest editor of Concurrences Special Issue on Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice Stucke, ’Competition Overdose’ book (2022) and an editor of a collected volume ’Antitrust and the Bounds of Power – 25 Years On’, Hart Publishing (2022) exploring the scholarship of Prof. Giuliano Amato. He is an UG and PGT external examiner at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and the University College London Faculty of Laws. He acts as an internal and external examiner in a number of PhD vivas. Oles Andriychuk is a founding convenor of the University of Strathclyde ’Competition Coffee Breaks’ – a series of guest lectures in antitrust related topics, open for all non-Strathclyde UG and PGT students.

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Oles Andriychuk, Diane Coyle, David J. Gerber, Pier Luigi Parcu, Amelia Fletcher, Jorge Padilla, Salvatore Piccolo, Philip Lowe, Maurits J. F. M. Dolmans, Daniel Zimmer, Juliane Kokott, Ariel Ezrachi, Maurice Stucke, Svend Albæk, Hanna Schröder Competition Overdose: Exploring the Limitations, searching for the treatment


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