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Nuno Ruiz

Vieira de Almeida (Lisbon)
Senior Partner

Nuno Ruiz is Public, Competition & Life Sciences Group Senior Partner. Lead the competition, economic and European Union law practices areas since 2002, year that Nuno Ruiz joined VdA, until 2019. He has coordinated the involvement of the firm in merger control processes of first and second phases, including the negotiation of commitments, as well as misdemeanour proceedings in cases of cartels and abuse of dominant position. Furthermore, he has followed issues related to State aid and led cancellation and infringement litigation before the Court of Justice of the European Union. He has assisted more specifically clients in the telecommunications, energy, banking and insurance and media sectors, pharmaceutical and food industries and building materials.

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774 Bulletin

Nuno Ruiz, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro The Portuguese Competition Authority follows the European Competition Network and announces a tolerance policy for cooperation between undertakings during the COVID-19 crisis


Coronavirus | Portugal- Impact on the enforcement of competition law* Do national and EU rules on competition law remain in force, during the period of crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak? Competition law rules remain in force, there have been no national or EU legislative measure (...)

Nuno Ruiz, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, Joana Pacheco The Angolan Government creates the Competition Regulatory Authority which replaces the Prices & Competition Institute


On 21 December 2018, Presidential Decree 313/18 approving the bylaws of the Angolan Competition Regulatory Authority (“CRA”) was published, putting in place the last piece of the Angolan competition law regime. The decree completes the Angolan Competition Act (“ACA”), of 10 May 2018, and the (...)

Nuno Ruiz, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro The Portuguese Parliament transposes Directive 2014/104/EU by adopting a new legal framework on the right to compensation for damages from infringements of competition law


Act 23/2018, establishing the legal framework on the right to compensation for damages from infringements of competition law, was published on 5 June 2018. This legislative act transposes into Portuguese law the Directive 2014/104/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 26 (...)


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