Francesca Bichiri

Studio Legale Bichiri (Turin), University of Turin (Turin)
Research Fellow / Lawyer

Francesca graduated from the University of Turin and is a PhD candidate. She was a practicing lawyer for almost 2 years at Jacobacci & Associati and is now a research fellow at the Department of Law University of Turin. She also works as independant lawyer in Torino.

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412 Bulletin

Cristina Poncibò, Francesca Bichiri The Italian Competition Authority initiates a proceeding against the sale of a generic drug for the treatment of HIV infections sold as a remedy to fight the COVID-19 virus (Kaletra)


1.Introduction The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is unfortunately accompanied by the equally rapid one of unfair commercial practices in Italy. A worrying scenario, also for potential, serious effects on people’s health, on which the Italian Competition Authority (‘ICA’) continues to keep the (...)

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