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Noemie Bomble

Allen & Overy (Paris), EDHEC (Lille)
Associate / Lecturer

Noémie Bomble is a French qualified lawyer, who joined the Paris office of Allen & Overy in 2020 after several experiences in law firms as well as at DG Comp’s Cartels Unit. Her practice covers all aspects of French and European competition law, including mergers and antitrust litigation, as well as distribution law. Noémie graduated from Université catholique de Lille, Université Paris-Dauphine and HEC Paris. Since 2019, Noémie is lecturing competition law in the EDHEC/Université catholique de Lille business and law degree.

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3459 Review

Emmanuelle Claudel, Nicolas Ferrier, Patrice Bougette, Frédéric Marty, Florence Ninane, Noemie Bomble, Irène Luc, Andreas Mundt, Olivier Guersent, Marion Carbo, Charlotte Colin-Dubuisson, Sima Ostrovsky, David-Julien dos Santos Goncalves Perspectives on the proposed reform of the Vertical Restraints Regulation and its Guidelines


The On-Topic aims to present a range of views on the European Commission’s proposed reform of the Vertical Restraints Regulation and its Guidelines. The contributors are representatives of the European Commission and competition authorities, practitioners, legal researchers and economists. After (...)

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