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Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos

Centre de Droit de l’Entreprise (Montpellier)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos is an attorney member of the Montpellier Bar. Previously, she was attorney in PwC Law firm in Montpellier, head of the legal department. She is a regular contributor to the review “La Lettre de la Distribution”. Nathalie is graduated from the University of Montpellier (DJCE – specialization certificate in competition Law).

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1062 Review

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Agency agreement: The Bordeaux Court of Appeal maintains a restrictive definition of the sales agent’s negotiating power (Pierval / Les Demeures Occitanes, Sofiactur)


Facts On June 16, 2013, Pierval entered into a qualified commercial agent contract with X, which will be terminated by the broadcaster on March 1, 2015. On June 1, 2015, the same broadcaster entered into a contract, apparently drafted in similar terms, with LDO. This second contract is also (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Agency agreement: The Orléans Court of Appeal recalls the scope of the sales agent legal obligations of information and accountability (Société d’exploitation des établissement C.)


Facts. Company C entrusts a commercial agent, a natural person, with the task of marketing its haberdashery, hosiery and textile products in various French departments, without the relations between the parties being formalised in a written contract. Company C complains that the agent breached (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Commercial agency: The Versailles Court of Appeal facilitates the proof of serious misconduct and validity of a non-competition clause with post-contractual effects (EGETRA)


Facts. On 22 April 2015, the EGETRA company signed a commercial agent contract with a natural person agent, with the mission to prospect for the sale of transport and customs services. On 1 February 2017, EGETRA notified the termination of the contract for breach of contract, considering that (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Agency agreement: The Toulouse and Douai Courts of appeal provide details regarding the method for calculating the termination compensation (Dike Deco; Fine Brands / Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance)


1st species In 2010, the company DIKE DECO gave a mandate to an individual agent to represent it, without exclusivity, in a number of French departments, with a view to promoting the sale of decorative articles. In July 2013, the principal informed its agent that it was taking over the (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Agency agreement: The Paris Court of Appeal points out that the alleged objections cannot be regarded as serious misconduct if they have been tolerated by the principal and specifies the conditions for application of the resale right (Fabex / Soudal France)


Following a change of co-contractor linked to a reorganisation within the principal’s group, relations between the new structure of the principal group and its commercial agent deteriorated sharply. In fact, in the absence of a territorial exclusivity clause, the principal undertakes to approach (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Business secrecy: The French Supreme Court specifies that business secrecy does not in itself constitute an obstacle to the application of Article 145 of the Code of Civil Procedure as soon as the investigation measure is based on a legitimate reason (Comater and Clomen / Bati-Man)


Central payments. Towards a reduction of the business secrecy ?* Following the deterioration of their relationship with the Bati-man brand, member companies terminated their contracts to create a competing network and summoned the franchisor and the network’s central referencing office before (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Commercial agent: The Paris Appeal Court questions the scope of a commercial agent’s power to negotiate on behalf of their principal in order to be qualified as a commercial agent (B. Diffusion / Citoyens du Monde)


In this case, the company Citoyens du Monde entrusted the company Bianchi Diffusion with the mandate to market all of its products to medium and large retailers throughout France. In this context, the parties concluded a contract qualified as a contract for the provision of services but (...)

Nathalie Lefeuvre-Roumanos Transparency: The French Supreme Court states that in the context of a franchise network, transparency does not allow franchisees to access commercial conditions (Ploneour loisirs / Bricorama)


Payments Central. The end of the obligation of accountability ?* A franchisee of a network specialising in do-it-yourself products (Bricorama brand) did not renew the franchise agreement, which had expired, in order to join a competing brand and was sued by the franchisor, who was also acting (...)

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