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Senior Associate

Nabi Can Acar is a Senior Associate at ACTECON, Istanbul. He provides legal advice to a wide range of clients on investigations initiated by the Turkish Competition Authority and on merger control issues related to both domestic and cross-border transactions. He assists clients with their day-to-day competition and regulatory compliance matters. He also plays an active role in defending local and international clients before the Ministry of Trade in anti-dumping investigations. After obtaining his LLB degree from Koc University Faculty of Law, Nabi Can Acar was admitted to Istanbul Bar Association. Before joining in ACTECON in November 2018, he worked at a reputable law firm and a multinational auditing firm concentrating on tax controversy, restructuring projects, regulatory matters and competition law.

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ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
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Bahadır Balkı, Nabi Can Acar The Turkish Competition Authority fines a tech entrepreneur for failure to notify the acquisition of a major social media company (Elon Musk / Twitter)


The Turkish Competition Authority Fines Elon Musk due to Failure to Notify the Twitter Deal* On 06.03.2023, the Turkish Competition Authority (’TCA”) announced its decision to fine Elon Musk due to failure to notify the $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. The TCA’s reasoned decision is not (...)

Erdem Aktekin, Nabi Can Acar, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Turkish Constitutional Court partially annuls and partially upholds a complaint by 137 Parliament members challenging 2020 amendments to the Competition Law updating the Competition Authority’s powers related to imposing structural remedies and carrying out dawn raids


The Constitutional Court of Turkey (the “Court”) delivered a judgment on 9 November 2022 regarding the action for an annulment application made by the 137 members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey against amendments introduced in 2020 to various articles of Law No. 4054 on the (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Erdem Aktekin, Nabi Can Acar, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir, Seda Eliri The Turkish Competition Authority shares a Draft Amendment to the key national competition legislation which would enable greater oversight of digital markets


Introduction This blogpost will give an overview on the draft amendment (the “Draft Amendment”) to the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (the “Law No. 4054”). The key points of the Draft Amendment concern: Introducing definitions of core platform services into the Law No. 4054 (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Erdem Aktekin, Nabi Can Acar, Helin Yüksel The Turkish Competition Authority takes a wide interpretation of the “Technology Undertaking” exception applicable to merger control thresholds (Berkshire Hathaway)


The interpretation of the exemption brought for “technology undertakings” took a sudden turn with the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) recent Berkshire Hathaway Decision (15.09.2022, 22-42/625-261) which resolved that the exception brought to the merger control thresholds by the recent (...)

Barış Yüksel, Nabi Can Acar, Burak Buğrahan Sezer The Turkish Competition Authority fines a Dutch company for obstructing parallel trade in the National energy solution market (Arti Marin / Mastervolt / Eltesan)


Introduction On 29.01.2020, Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) announced its final decision (“Final Decision”) concerning the investigation conducted against Artı Marin Mobil Enerji Sistemleri Inc. (“Artı Marin”) and Mastervolt International Holding BV (“Mastervolt”), a Netherlands based (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Nabi Can Acar, Burak Buğrahan Sezer The Turkish Competition Authority concludes preliminary inquiry into a Big Tech’s shopping unit bidding mechanism and takes decision not to proceed to full fledged investigation (Google)


TCA’s Preliminary Inquiry into Google’s Shopping Unit Bidding Mechanism On 07.11.2019, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) concluded its preliminary inquiry regarding Google’s bidding system and decided not to initiate a full-fledged investigation. Said preliminary inquiry had been (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Nabi Can Acar, Burak Buğrahan Sezer The Spanish Competition Authority initiates second-phase examination in connection with an acquisition of a white cement production base (Çimsa / Cemex)


Çimsa Çimento ve San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (“ Çimsa ”), a Turkey based international cement manufacturer has made a notification to the National Commission on Markets and Competition (“ CNMC ” in Spanish) on 05.06.2019 for its agreement with CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V (“ Cemex ”), aimed to purchase Cemex’s (...)

Barış Yüksel, Mehmet Salan, Nabi Can Acar The Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf issues a ruling which suspends the Competition Authority’s decision regarding alleged exploitative abuse of dominance practices of a Big Tech Social Network (Facebook)


Dusseldorf Court’s Decision Suspending the Bundeskartellamt’s Facebook Ruling: A Guideline For Examining Alleged Exploitative Abuses In 2019, the Bundeskartellamt rendered one of the most controversial decisions in the recent competition law history, finding that Facebook’s making the (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Nabi Can Acar, Burak Buğrahan Sezer The Turkish Competition Authority fines an undertaking for abusing its dominant position via implementing exclusionary MFC clauses in its agreements (Yemeksepeti)


With the developments in online services, our habits in everyday life has been changing rapidly. Nowadays, one can cater any of its needs via websites or simple smartphone apps instantly. And all these developments have also been reflected its effects on maybe one of our most common and (...)


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