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Baker McKenzie (Paris)

Mehdi Achachera is an Associate at Baker McKenzie since January 2022. He studied Public Law and Economics at Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II).

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200 Review

Francis Donnat, Mehdi Achachera Electronic communications: The French government notifies the European Commission of a draft decree from the French Supreme Administrative Court implementing law 2022-300 aimed at strengthening parental control over Internet access methods


Since September 5, 2022, the date of entry into force of law no. 2022-300 of March 2, 2022 aimed at reinforcing parental control over means of access to the Internet (Decree no. 2022-1212 of September 2, 2022 relating to the entry into force of law no. 2022-300 of March 2, 2022 aimed at (...)

Emmanuel Guillaume, Mehdi Achachera Competence: The French Administrative Supreme Court Partially rescinds the requirements adopted by the Airport Nuisance Control Authority on October 6, 2020, relating to air quality management by airport operators on and around airports for lack of jurisdiction (Union des aéroports français et francophone associés)


The Airport Nuisance Control Authority ["ACNUSA"] is, under the terms of Article L. 6361-1 C. trans., an independent administrative authority ["AAI"]. Within this framework, it has both delegated regulatory authority and the power of recommendation to carry out the tasks entrusted to it by (...)


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