Mathilde Arnoux

Extent Economics/Veltys Oïko (Paris)
Senior Manager

Mathilde Arnoux joined OIKO in 2020 with more than six years of experience in the field of competition in the public and private sectors. Previously (2018-2020), she worked as an economist on competition policy and sectoral regulation cases at the Chambre de régulation économique 5-7 of the Paris Court of Appeal. She started her career in a consultancy firm specialising in competition economics and also worked in the economics department of the Hong Kong Competition Commission. Mathilde graduated from the Toulouse School of Economics in economics and from King’s College London in competition law.

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Extent Economics/Veltys Oïko (Paris)


219 Review

Mathilde Arnoux New Caledonia: The Competition Authority of New-Caledonia issues an opinion on the procedure for renewing the public service delegation relating to the electricity distribution concession for the Municipality of Noumea (Electricity distribution concession for the Municipality of Noumea)


The New Caledonian Competition Authority (hereinafter "ACNC") was approached in January 2019 by the municipality of Nouméa regarding the procedure for the renewal of the public service delegation for the electricity distribution concession of the municipality. On 18 July 2019, the New Caledonian (...)

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