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Martin Peitz is professor of economics at the University of Mannheim and a director of the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation - MaCCI. He has been an academic director of the Centre on Regulation in Europe, CERRE (2012-2016) and head of the Department of Economics in Mannheim (2010-2013). Martin holds a Ph.D. from Bonn. Martin Peitz is co-author of the leading graduate textbook “Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies” and the book “The Economics of Platforms: Concepts and Strategy”. His research on industrial organization and microeconomics has been widely published in leading economics journals. He is a frequent public speaker and has been advising a number of competition authorities, sector regulators, and government bodies in Europe and abroad.


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Martin Peitz Mergers in Big Tech: Recent developments in EU and national case law


Several recent works document mergers in digital markets with a particular focus on Big Tech acquisitions. They aim to quantify the levels of merger activity, the type of merger activity, and the possible motivations for the merger. In the policy debate, some commentators see entry and mergers as proof of vibrant competition in which firms compete through investments and acquisitions, while others emphasize that these mergers are potentially anti-competitive and harmful to consumers, in particular, when the acquiring party is a gatekeeper platform. There is now also a footprint left by competition authorities evaluating some of these mergers, which opens the room for detailed ex-post assessments of individual merger decisions. Where do we stand?

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Paul Belleflamme, Francisco Costa Cabral, Tim Cowen, Daniel Fasquelle, Paula Forteza, Inge Graef, Max Huffman, Frédéric Marty, Jacques Moscianese, Gabriella Muscolo, Martin Peitz, Sebastien Soriano, Thierry Warin, Ramsi Woodcock Digital & competition


This series of articles highlights the existing debate about the role of competition policy in the digital economy. Each contribution addresses the subject from a different perspective. The first two discuss non-price strategies practiced by monopoly digital platforms and remedies that can be (...)

Frederic Jenny, Damien Neven, Jacques Buhart, David Henry, Thomas Funke, Mathew Heim, Catarina Midões, Nicholas Levy, David Little, Henry Mostyn, Ioannis Lianos, Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz, Cristoforo Osti, Almos Papp, Christian Wik, Kristian Hugmark, Julia Vahvaselkä, Antoine Winckler, Thierry Boillot Which competition and industrial policies for the new EU Commission after Siemens/Alstom?


This series of articles presents different points of view about the priorities of the newly established Commission on competition policy in Europe in the aftermath of the decision prohibiting the Siemens/Alstom merger and of the manifesto published by French and German governments. These (...)


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