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Marina Sánchez del Villar

European University Institute (Florence)
PhD Researcher

Marina Sánchez del Villar is a PhD Researcher at European University Institute, and a Research Officer with NERA Economic Consultants in their Paris office. Ms. Sánchez del Villar holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics.

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166 Bulletin

Marc Ivaldi, Liberty Mncube, Marina Sánchez del Villar The South African Competition Tribunal hears arguments for merger which would result in a 90% share in the market for steel drums (Greif / Rheem)


Abstract In this paper, we use a differentiated- products oligopoly model to assess the impact on competition of a merger between Greif and Rheem South Africa. Both parties are active in the industrial packaging products sector. The parties’ activities overlap, among others, in the production (...)

1836 Review

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