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Maria Begoña Barrantes Díaz

Clifford Chance (Madrid)

Maria is a counsel in the M&A corporate, Antitrust, EU & trade teams at Clifford Chance (Madrid). She routinely advises on all aspects of merger control and has played a key role in advising regulators and corporates across industries, including energy, audiovisual and telecoms, financial and insurance services and foodstuff.

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43 Bulletin

Maria Begoña Barrantes Díaz The Spanish Competition Authority imposes gun jumping fines on two funeral service providers for failure to notify transactions meeting the market share threshold (Albia / Funespaña)


Companies should be cautious and carry out reasonable assessments prior to disregarding the need to notify a transaction based on the Spanish market share threshold Concentrations of business operations leading to a market share of 30% or more (or of 50% or more where the target’s Spanish (...)

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