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Leon Fields

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Senior Consultant

Leon Fields joined Oxera in 1998. His areas of expertise include market design, competition policy and the economic regulation of utilities. He is a member of the regulation, water and competition teams at Oxera, and has particular expertise in incentive regulation, behavioural economics and industrial organisation. He is a member of the Agenda in focus board. Leon Fields has in-depth knowledge of the water sector, having been actively involved in all aspects of the 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 and 2019 periodic reviews. Across utility sectors, he has detailed knowledge of incentive regulation, regulatory reform and market reform. He has worked for several small-island jurisdictions on regulatory change. Leon Fields has also undertaken a number of projects on consumer behaviour, firm behaviour and market design. He is an expert in water tariff design, and in how the objectives of cost recovery, efficiency and compliance can be balanced. He has also undertaken water infrastructure option appraisal for a variety of clients.

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212 Bulletin

Tristan Byrne, Leon Fields The UK Parliament publishes an independent report by MP John Penrose on the national approach to competition and consumer protection policy highlighting issues related to applied economics


The Penrose Review investigated the state of competition and consumer protection policy in the UK, as well as economic regulation in network sectors. Some of the consumer protection proposals would be beneficial to consumers; however, others are untested and may have unintended consequences. (...)


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