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Kimela Shah

Oxera (London)

Kimela specialises in providing economic analysis in the context of litigation and arbitration, in particular in consumer and collective actions, in both competition and commercial settings. Her work involves applying quantitative techniques to a range of areas, and developing analytical models, for example to analyse the economic contribution of organisations, policies and regulations. She also has experience in taxation disputes. Prior to joining Oxera, Kimela worked in the Government Economic Service. She worked at HM Revenue & Customs for a number of years, leading the team producing forecasts of tax receipts, providing litigation support for VAT and impact assessments for policy costings for indirect taxes. Projects included estimating the VAT gap, and estimating behavioural responses to changes in prices of alcohol duties and fuel duties. She also worked at the Office for Budget Responsibility, in the team responsible for producing the macroeconomic forecasts.

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