Katarzyna Berestecka

Deloitte (Brussels)
Senior Managing Associate

Katarzyna Berestecka is a senior managing associate at Deloitte Legal. She advises on a broad range of questions of EU law, with a focus on State aid, financial regulation and competition. Her experience involves the application of State aid and competition law rules to clients from a variety of industries, ranging from pharma, medical advices, gambling and manufacturing to financial and postal services. She has also advised individuals and companies on questions of human rights as recognized by the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. She has participated in numerous litigations before the EU courts in Luxembourg in State aid and competition matters. Katarzyna Berestecka was an official at the Single Resolution Board, EU agency responsible for managing resolution of failing banking groups, where she contributed to the development of a number of resolution policies and notably, the policy for the setting of the Minimum Requirement for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL).

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21 Bulletin

Kai Struckmann, Katarzyna Berestecka The EU Court of Justice sets out uniform conditions under which national courts may adopt interim measures suspending Commission decisions relating to State aid (Zuckerfabrik Süderdithmarschen / Hauptzollamt Itzehoe / Zuckerfabrik Soest / Hauptzollamt Paderborn)


On 21 February 1991, the Court issued a preliminary ruling confirming that national courts may suspend the enforcement of national administrative measures implementing Community [EU] regulations and setting out uniform conditions under which national courts may adopt such interim measures. The (...)

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