Joseph Wilson

McGill University - Department of Law (Montreal)
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Joseph Wilson served as a founder member, and later as Chairman, of the Competition Commission of Pakistan and presently teaches as adjunct Professor at McGill University’s Faculty of Law.


Joseph Wilson (McGill University)
Joseph Wilson 26 October 2018 New York


134 Bulletin

Joseph Wilson The Pakistan Competition Authority approves an acquisition between two application-based ride-sharing service companies despite extremely high market concentration levels and efficiencies failing to outweigh the adverse effects of lessening of competition (Careem / Uber Technologies)


The Competition Commission of Pakistan (hereinafter “CCP” or “the Commission”) through its order dated 31 January 2020 (“the Order”) approved the acquisition of Careem by Uber Technologies, Inc., transforming the duopolistic market of application-based ridesharing services into a monopolistic market. (...)


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