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Joanna Affre

Affre i Wspólnicy (Warsaw), Poland France Chamber of Commerce (Warsaw)

Joanna is the founding partner of the firm Affre i Wspólnicy. She specialises in broadly understood competition law. She also has wide experience in criminal business law and corporate services, including negotiations and disputes among shareholders. She is a member of the Board of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the Competition Law Association and the European Competition Lawyers Association (ECLA). She is a leader lawyer in the area of competition and antitrust law in the 20th edition of the Law Firm Ranking organized by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily. Graduate of Wrocław University and post-graduate studies in Political Science (IEP Strasbourg,France), Community Law (Lyon III, France) and Competition Law (King’s College, London, UK).

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