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Helen Kean

FTI Consulting (Stellenbosch)
Senior Director

My work is focused on Competition and Regulatory Economics. I have over 10 years’ experience in all areas of these fields, including mergers, market inquiries, abuse of dominance cases, and regulation/policy. My skills include acting and testifying as expert witness before the Competition Authorities; quantitative economic analysis including strong econometrics; project management; report writing and presentations. I have successfully testified before the South African Competition Tribunal and successfully acted as economic expert before the Namibian Competition Commission. I have also successfully acted as quantitative expert before the South African Competition Commission, including in four extensive data room processes for market inquiries. I have added value to clients in the following sectors: Industrials (mining support products, steel and inputs, various commodity markets, airline fuel, retail fuel stations, industrial conveyor belts, surveying equipment, packaging); health and healthcare (health behavior, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical schemes, medical devices, medical practitioners); agricultural, food and FMCG (grocery retail, dairy, tobacco); banking (including banking licenses); technology (online business support services); and telecommunications (mobile and fixed line, undersea cables). I write publicly (also being a published author) and present widely. Prior to joining FTI Consulting (merged with Econex), I was an analyst with Nedbank Capital Corporate Finance. I hold a MSc (Economics) degree (cum laude) from the University of Bologna (Italy). I have completed a year-long professional course with the Gordon Institute of Business Science, and professional training on abuse of dominance and merger assessments at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

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Paula Farani De Azevedo Silveira, Paula de Andrade Baqueiro, Mor Bakhoum, Arsenio M. Balisacan, Luis Guilherme Ahlo Batista, Laurie Binge, Kevin E. Davis, Eleanor M. Fox, Gönenç Gürkaynak, Timothy T. Hughes, Helen Kean, Liberty Mncube, Marcio De Oliveira Jr, Leni Papa, George Paul, Daniel Rubinfeld, Pablo Trevisán Competition law and developing countries: Overarching themes from Africa, cartels and corruption, and mergers


In this edition we present an overarching view of competition law and developing countries, then pick up themes, such as cartels, corruption and mergers, from the “Antitrust and developing and emerging economies” annual Concurrences review Conference held on November 1st, 2019, at the New York (...)


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