Gustavo Guevara Inciarte

University of Carabobo (Valencia)

Gustavo Guevara Inciarte is an Economist (1975) and Lawyer (2012) from the University of Carabobo. Additionally, he is a Specialist in Business Economics (1990) from the Andrés Bello Catholic University in the city of Caracas, and has attended the doctoral courses in Industrial Economics and International Economic Relations at the Aix-Marseille II University in France (1978) and the doctorate in Industrial Economics at the University of Rennes 1 in the same country (2003).

Outside the University of Carabobo he has held the following positions: Advisor of the Aeronautical Corporation of Venezuela "CORPAVENCA"; Head of the Economic Research Division of the Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Industry "CORPOINDUSTRIA"; Main Director of the Venezuelan Company of Aeronautical and Industrial Motors "VENEMAICA", belonging to the Venezuelan Air Force and the Investment Fund of Venezuela; Advisor of the Center of Studies for the Experimental Agro-industrial Production "CIEPE"; Professor of the Master’s Degree in Management at the Universidad Experimental de los Llanos Ezequiel Zamora (UNELLEZ); Professor of the Master’s Degree in Rural Development at the Universidad Central de Venezuela; Founding member of the Permanent Commission for the Standardization of Projects at the Universidad Simón Bolívar; Member of the Academic Committee of the Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge (CEDICE); Director of the National Economic Council.

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