Gülçin Dere

Paksoy (Istanbul)

Gülçin Dere joined Paksoy in 2019. She is an antitrust and competition law specialist with more than 10 years of experience in antitrust and competition matters. Gülçin Dere worked as a chief competition expert at the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) before moving to private practice. She has in-depth knowledge and understanding of antitrust and competition, mergers and acquisitions cases mainly in automotive, banking and financial services, construction, energy markets, media markets and has significant experience in investigation and reporting cartel cases and drafting legal opinions. She participated in major dawn raids, cartel investigations and represented the TCA in international forums. Gülçin Dere attended the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as a legal extern and conducted legal research and provided legal assistance in relation to international competition law issues. In addition, she performed extensive legal research in a law firm in Washington D.C. during her education. She is a regular speaker in competition law seminars and conferences.

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193 Bulletin

Togan Turan, Deniz Benli, Gülçin Dere, Oğulcan Halebak The Turkish Competition Authority reinforces commitment to antitrust enforcement in the FMCG sector by fining 5 largest retailers for direct price fixing and hub-and-spoke arrangements (Savola / A101 / BİM / Carrefour / Migros / Şok)


Turkish Competition Board’s Chain Markets decision: a boost for competition law enforcement against hub-and-spoke arrangements in Turkey* Introduction The term “hub-and-spoke” refers to an atypical form of horizontal coordination characterised by vertical exchanges or agreements between economic (...)

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