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Gu Lingyun

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Gu Lingyun is a postgraduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University - School of Law.

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Gu Lingyun The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court determines whether there are protectable interests and concludes that the degree of damage suffered by the plaintiff is not enough to meet the need for relief through the anti-unfair competition law (Beijing iQIYI Technology / Beijing Sogou Information)


The Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates seven types of unfair competition, namely, label confusion (Article 6), commercial bribery (Article 7), misleading statements (Article 8), infringement on trade secrets (Article 9), improper prize-winning sales (Article (...)

Gu Lingyun The Chinese Supreme People’s Court finds no abuse of dominance in the central heating market (Bayannuer Sunshine Energy / Linhe Thermal Power Plant / Northern United Electric Power)


Identification and Abuse Analysis of Market Dominance of Public Utilities: Thoughts of the Supreme People’s Court of China on Antitrust Litigation of Heating Units In December 2017, the Supreme People’s Court of China decided to reject the retrial application of Sunshine Energy Co., Ltd. in the (...)

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