Constantine Cannon (New York)

Grant Petrosyan

Constantine Cannon (New York)

Grant Petrosyan is an associate in the New York office of Constantine Cannon. His practice is focused on antitrust litigation and counseling, and commercial litigation in both state and federal courts. Grant is also active in the firm’s e-discovery practice. Since joining the firm in 2015, Grant has represented clients across various industries including payments, health care, aviation, and retail. He has experience in both plaintiff- and defense-side antitrust and commercial matters. Grant is admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Council, and the Armenian Bar Association, where he is Co-Chair of the NY-NJ-CT Chapter Board.

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2094 Bulletin

Grant Petrosyan The US President Joe Biden signs a sweeping executive order to promote competition, including the formation of the White House Competition Council, and directs federal agencies to crack down on anticompetitive practices and concentrated markets


Antitrust enforcement in the United States could be reinvigorated to an extent not seen in decades as a result of President Biden’s sweeping executive order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” (the “Order”), which aims to enhance business competition, curb corporate dominance, and (...)

Grant Petrosyan The US State of New York Senate proposes legislation to modernize its antitrust law and expands the State’s and private litigants’ ability to litigate against companies for anti-competitive conduct


New York Could Lead the Nation Into 21st Century Antitrust Enforcement* New York is on the verge of revamping state antitrust enforcement to tackle competition issues of the 21st Century. On September 14, 2020, the Consumer Protection Committee of the New York State Senate held a virtual (...)

Grant Petrosyan The US District Court for the Northern District of California finds that an athletic association’s cap on grants given to athletes is an anticompetitive restraint of trade (NCAA / Alston)


NCAA May Have Lost Antitrust Case to Student-Athletes, But How Much Did It Really Lose?* Friday’s 104-page ruling in the antitrust case challenging the compensation rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) is not a clear-cut victory for either side. Although Judge Claudia (...)

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