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Giovanni Pregno focuses on Italian and EU competition law as well as EU trade law. Prior to joining Van Bael & Bellis, Giovanni worked as an associate in an Italian law firm where he practised competition and consumer protection law.

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2363 Bulletin

Andreas Reindl, Edoardo Canali, Giovanni Pregno, Rory Clarke The Spanish Competition Authority imposes a €4.9M fine on an energy grid and utility company for providing access to the grid on more favourable terms to its own downstream business than it does to rivals (Enel)


On 10 June 2022, the Spanish Competition Authority (“SCA”) found that Enel Green Power SL (“Enel”), and its parent company Endesa Generación SA (“Endesa”) infringed the Spanish national provision prohibiting abuses of dominant position by taking advantage of its dominant position in the market of (...)

Giovanni Pregno, Barbara Monti, David Hull The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio annuls a decision to fine a online ticket seller €10.8M for abuse of dominance on the grounds that mergers cannot be considered abusive, thus declaring Continental Can inapplicable following the passing of the EUMR (TicketOne)


On 24 March 2022, an Italian administrative court (“TAR Lazio” or “court”) annulled the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) decision imposing a fine of €10.8 million on several companies belonging to the music ticketing and marketing group CTS Eventim-TicketOne (“TicketOne”) for abuse of its (...)

Giovanni Pregno, Barbara Monti, Andreas Reindl The Italian Competition Authority imposes record-breaking fine of € 1.1 billion on an e-commerce company for “self-preferencing” its own logistical services (Amazon)


On 9 December 2021, the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) adopted a decision finding that the Amazon group (“Amazon”) had violated Article 102 TFEU and harmed competing providers of e-commerce logistics services by tying the right of retailers on the Amazon marketplace to participate in (...)

Andrzej Kmiecik, Catherine Gordley, Giovanni Pregno The Italian Competition Authority imposes fines totalling €203M on two Big Tech companies for discriminatorily selecting re-sellers of one company’s products on the other company’s e-commerce platform (Apple / Beats)


On 16 November 2021, the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) imposed a fine of € 68.7 million on Amazon and € 134.5 million on Apple for infringing Article 101 Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (“TFEU”) with regard to the distribution of Apple products over Amazon Marketplace (...)

Laura Lehoczky-Deckers, Rebecca Halbach, Edoardo Canali, Giovanni Pregno, Dilja Helgadottir, Floris-Willem Dierickx The EU Commission proposes an updated list of projects and programs of EU interest annexed to the FDI Screening Regulation


Foreign Direct Investment: Recent Developments at European Union, United Kingdom and EU Member State Level EUROPEAN UNION LEVEL European Commission proposes updated list of projects and programmes of EU interest annexed to FDI Screening Regulation On 29 September 2021, the European (...)

Giovanni Pregno, Andreas Reindl The Italian Competition Authority imposes a €102 million fine on a Big Tech company for abusing its dominant position by refusing to feature a competitor’s app on its digital platform (Google / Enel X)


On 27 April 2021, the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) imposed a fine of over € 102 million on Alphabet Inc., Google LLC and Google Italy S.r.l. (collectively, “Google”) after concluding that Google had infringed Article 102 TFEU by refusing to include in Google’s own Android Auto app a third (...)

Giovanni Pregno The Italian Administrative Court annuls fines imposed by the Competition Authority for an alleged automotive financial services cartel (Banca / Banque PSA / Santander Consumer Bank / BMW Bank)


On 24 November 2020, the Italian Regional Administrative Court for Lazio (“IRAC”) annulled a decision issued by the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) in the automotive financial services cartel case in which a total fine of € 678 million was imposed (“Decision”). On 20 December 2019, the ICA had (...)

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